Iyngaran Iyathurai / Software Engineer
Web, Mobile, PHP, Java and Emerging Technology Application Developer.
Park Road, Colombo 05, Sri Lanka.

Iyngaran Iyathurai About me

I am Iyngaran. I am an enthusiastic and professional Software engineer, who enjoys being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team and, I've been working in the software industry since 2009.

I possess extensive knowledge and interest in many distinctive domains from low level algorithms and structure optimisation to high level web application frameworks.


PHP, Java, Zend Framework, CodeIgniter, Laravel, Magento, Wordpress, OOP, MySQL,Oracle, System design, Android, Multimedia programming & design and Linux systems administration.

Skills - Programming Languages & Databases


I have around 9+ years working experience with PHP. And I have done many web applications and  lots of websites using PHP. Also I've been working with some PHP open source products such as Magento,PrestaShop,OpenCart,Joomla,WordPress and etc.

Familiar Frameworks & Libraries - Zend, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Doctrine ORM and ADOdb.


My experience in developing desktop application systems is vast and extensive, I have the spare time to do NET,VB.NET,COM and windows application using VB.NET.I am very strong in Net, PocketPC applications, and good experience in using Visual Studio.

I have good development and lecturing experience  on J2ME, J2SE, and J2EE. And I am familiar with JSP, Servlet, Struts, Hibernate, EJB, RMI and Swing.

I have fair knowledge with android programming and I developed few aps using google location API & etc.


I have good experience with Python and I was working to develop some custom module for Openerp. In that time I have gained vast experience working with Python.


I have around 9+ years working experience with MySql and I am familer with Oracle and MSSQL.

Skills - Operating Systems

I have extensive experience and knowledge of all Linux systems and variants and I have good experience in managing installing and securing the Linux servers. And also I am familiar with windows.

Programming Skills

VB.Net & C#.Net
HTML & Css
JavaScript & jQuery

Languages Skills